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Fortinet (https://www.fortinet.com/) offers a range of cybersecurity solutions for public, private, or hybrid clouds. FortiCloud is the platform for solutions operating in a SaaS environment. Over 21 security modules can operate on the platform. The following are essential for a cloud security solution:

  • Provides cloud-based management for connected devices.
  • Protects web applications, APIs, and OWASP Top Ten threats.
  • Provides visibility, data security, compliance, and threat protection for cloud-based services.
  • Enables centralized management of security posture.
  • Uses advanced multi-layered protection against email threats

The premium subscription adds functionality to improve remote management capabilities. The following feature list is a small percentage of the features available from the 21 security modules.

  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Crypto VPNs
  • Identity and access management
  • Intrusion prevention system
  • Pattern-based malware detection
  • Visibility of endpoint devices
  • Detects email threats
  • Protects against zero-day threats
  • Protects against OWASP Top Ten
  • DDoS attempts
  • Malware Uploads

Other features include protection against cross-scripting, SQL injections, and bot infiltration. The cloud-based solutions are compatible with major cloud providers.

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Transformation Licensing Options:

We keep the licensing options – clean and straightforward.

Individual License: : (Where Available). An individual license is for personal use.You will pay only once for using the deliverable forever. You will have access to any new updates within 12 months after purchase. You are not authorized to use an individual license in a corporate setting or consulting situations.

Enterprise License: An enterprise license is applicable if you are representing a company, irrespective of size, and intend to use the deliverables across the company. You pay only once for using the deliverable forever. You will have access to any new updates within 12 months after purchase. You may not use the deliverable in consulting.

Consultancy License: A consulting or professional services or IT services company that intends to use the deliverables for their client work needs to pay the consultancy license fee. You pay only once for using the deliverable forever. You will have access to any new updates within 12 months of purchase.

Transformation Product FAQs:

Can I see a Sample Deliverable?

We are sorry, but we cannot send or show sample deliverables. There are two reasons: A) The deliverables are our intellectual property, and we cannot share the samebefore payment. B) While you may be a genuine buyer, our experience in the past has not been great with too many browsers and not many buyers. We believe the depth of the information in the product description and the snippets we provide are sufficient to understand the scope and quality of our products.

When can I access my deliverables?

We process each transaction manually, and hence, processing a deliverable may take anywhere from a few minutes to up to a day. The reason is to ensure appropriate licensing and also validating the deliverables.

Where can I access my deliverables?

Your best bet is to log in to the portal and download the products from the included links. The links do not expire.

Are there any restrictions on Downloads?

Yes. You can only download the products three times. We believe that is sufficient for any genuine usage situation. Of course, once you download, you can save electronic copies to your computer or a cloud drive.

Can I share or sell the deliverables with anyone?

You can share the deliverables within a company for proper use. You cannot share the deliverables outside your company. Selling or giving away free is prohibited, as well. You may not list the products on any public website or forum.

Can we talk to you on the phone?

Not generally. Compared to our professional services fee, the price of our products is a fraction of what we charge for custom work. Hence, our business model does not have enough margins to offer pre-sales support.

Do you offer orientation or support to understand and use your deliverables?

Yes, for a separate fee. You can hire our consultants for remote help and in some cases, for onsite assistance. Please Contact ITBits for consulting services.